Idris Elba Shares Behind The Scenes Look At The New Series Of Luther


It’s no secret that a new series of Luther is being filmed this month and next and will probably end up on our screens next Christmas, but every little tidbit of information about it that we get just makes us that little bit more excited.

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The latest teaser comes from the man himself John Luther, or rather the man who plays him Idris Elba. Elba shared the following short video on his Twitter account from the first day of the set:

OK, of course that wasn’t really giving anything away – except maybe that Luther would be walking around some snowy streets at night – but wasn’t it just so good to see him back in the coat with the red tie on? You know that got you pretty pumped up, even if it is going to be a hella long time until we actually end up seeing the results of Idris’s work.

Great to know that it is 100% going down as well because you can never be sure of these things until you actually see them in the flesh. December can’t come soon enough.

For more of the same, check out what series creator Neil Cross is saying about the next instalment of Luther. It’ll make you excited.


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