Watch These Idiots Throw A Steel Weighted Wire Over Power Lines And Almost Blow Themselves Up

Idiots Steel Weighted Wire Belarus

Only in Belarus.

Sometimes the only way to describe a group of people is as complete and utter idiots and the people in this video fit that description to a t.

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The video features a bunch of guys from Belarus who clearly don’t have much in the way of entertainment over there as they think it’s a good idea to go out into the middle of the forest and throw a steel weighted wire over a power line. In case you’re as dumb as the people in the video, there’s only one way this is going to end up and that’s badly because it’s going to explode.

Take a look at some morons in action:

Good one dudes. I guess it was worth risking your life to get this super sweet video huh? Things must really be bleak over in Belarus if this is what people have to do for fun.

For more of the same, here’s a complete moron putting his tongue in between a crab’s claws and seeing what happens when he leaves it there. One guess.


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