Dude Almost Kills Himself Trying The Dumbest Party Trick Ever (VIDEO)

Idiot Nosebleed

Useful skill.

There are a lot of useful things you can learn to do in this world, but I don’t think the skill of being able to give yourself a nose bleed ranks that highly up there for most people.

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The guy in this video seems to absolutely love it though, for whatever reason. I’m not sure about the background to it – apparently he was getting ready to shoot a video, but I don’t really get why he would need to have a nosebleed to be in said video? Nevertheless, the guy demonstrates his talent for giving himself a nosebleed by just tensing and then follows it up by fainting immediately. Fantastic:

Yeah, pretty goddamn stupid, but I suppose if that’s your one special skill, then you might as well flaunt it and go all out with it. Fair play.

For more nosebleeds, check out the aftermath of a horse’s nosebleed. Literally looks like a massacre.


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