This Photo Of The Aftermath Of A Horse Nose Bleed Is Like Something Out Of A Horror Film

Never seen anything like this before.

Some dude named Rod_Of_Asclepius posted this photo on Reddit today — he says his mate is a veterinarian and all this blood came from a single horse that suffered a nosebleed in its stable. Obviously horses have loads more blood pumping through their bodies than the average human does — but still, look at all that blood!


So much blood. So so much. Whoever discovered that scene must have fainted/had an anxiety attack right there on the spot. You’d be forgiven for thinking some kind of horrific massacre took place in there but nope, just a horse having a nose bleed. Going to take more than few tissue dabs to clean that one up.

Or could it actually be a cover story for a gruesome murder that went down? Maybe the guy with the scariest mug shot ever is on the loose again?

P.S. The horse survived, so that’s all good.


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