This Guy Spends £28,500 Trying To Impress His Mates

Idiot Ibiza

Try hard.

There’s been a few times when I’ve got wasted and I’ve checked my bank balance the day after and been less than impressed, but it’s never been down £28,500.

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The same can’t be said of Davie Little from Durham though, who is currently living it large in Ibiza and decided to spend £28,500 on an item off the internet to impress his mates. Not thinking that this was completely bizarre/idiotic behaviour, he posted what actually happened on Facebook, obviously with the intention of getting bigged up on Lad Bible or something:

Wow. I just can’t even get over why he would be doing this? I mean I’ve been on some pretty lairy nights out but I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone new or said to a friend “hey, let’s go on eBay and try and buy the dumbest most expensive thing we can”. Has anyone else reading this done that either?

And then add to this, the fact that the guy is in Ibiza and he’s spending all night on his phone checking eBay when he could just be raving or trying to hook up with girls (or guys, w/e) and you’ve really got to question whether he was in the right place and what his definition of ‘absolutely loving life’ is. Jog on mate.

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