Watch This Idiot Cyclist Celebrate Winning The World Title One Lap Before The End Of The Race

What a complete idiot.

I’ve never actually competed in a traditional cycling race – or an F1 race or anything where you have to do a whole bunch of laps – but I imagine it isn’t THAT hard to keep track of how many laps you’ve done and how far away you are from the end. I mean they have signals each time you go around the track to tell you whereabouts you are don’t they?

Unfortunately for this young cyclist though, he was unable to achieve this basic task and ended up looking like a giant knob because of it. Czech cyclist Adama Toupalik thought that he had won the Under 23 Men’s Cyclocross World Championship final in Heusden-Zolder, Belgium by some distance after he accelerated out of the corner on what he thought was the last lap and started wildly celebrating as he crossed the line.

Instead, he was only celebrating looking like a complete moron as he was one lap away from the end and hadn’t won anything. It looks even worse when you hear the sirens going to indicate that he’s on the last lap but he just keeps fist pumping and going for it.

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Oh dear. This guy had better go on to have some career in the world of cycling if he ever hopes to live that one down because it is a major blight on his life pretty much to do something so stupid. Good luck getting over it dude.

At least he wasn’t cursed with a 7 week erection like this cyclist.


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