It’s So Cold In Canada Right Now That You Can Literally Get Icicles In Your Hair

Icicles In Hair 1

Definitely more likely to make you ill than going to bed with wet hair.

Everyone probably knows that Canada can be one of the coldest countries in the world – in Toronto they spend half their tax budget on snow removal alone – but I doubt anyone ever thought that it could actually be cold enough to freeze your hair.

Up in Takhini Hot Springs though a few people wanted to put that theory to the test and decided to jump into the springs up there despite the outside temperatures being – 30 degrees. The result – they all ended up with icicles in their hair.

Take a look through the slideshow to see the snaps and if you like them check out this lighthouse that got transformed into a fantasy castle thanks to a bunch of icicles and snow.

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Icicles In Hair 1

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