Iceland’s Football Team Got The Best Welcome EVER When They Returned Home From Euro 2016 (VIDEO)

Iceland, so hot right now. Iceland.

Tens of thousands of Icelanders gathered in the capital Reykjavic this week to welcome home the nation’s football team after their defeat in the Euro 2016 quarter-final.

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They had a surprisingly impressive run, obviously dumping England out of the tournament the other week.

So it’s no wonder they got a proper hero’s welcome on their return:





And to think just a month ago no one gave two shits about Iceland other than the fact The Mountain from ‘Game of Thrones’ is from there. Arguably one of the top 5 most boring places on the planet (that’s definitely not true but let’s just roll with it). Bottom line is no one cared about Iceland but then the Euros came around and now no one can get enough of them. They had a part-time dentist coach, 8% of their country’s population went to the Euros to support them, and everyone’s trying to get involved with that awesome Viking clap they do.

OK they’d probably rather not have been battered by France in the quarter-finals but still, they can be proud of their overall performance. Big up.

For a look at some incredible photos from inside Iceland’s Vatnajokull glacier, click HERE.


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