Ice Cream Vans Are Being Hit By A 99p Flake Shortage

Summer is cancelled.

Everyone is getting pretty excited for the summer now that restrictions are starting to lift and the weather is starting to get a load better, but sadly there are a couple of obstacles that may get in the way of the white boy summer that we all deserve.

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Firstly there’s the spectre of the Indian Covid variant lurking in the background and now it’s been revealed that there’s also a shortage of 99p flakes just as ice cream season is about to kick off. Cadbury’s supplier Mondelez is claiming that the shortage is due to an unexpected surge in demand:

We are seeing a recent increase in demand for our Cadbury 99 Flake in the UK and Ireland that we had not expected.

The product is still available to order and we’re continuing to work closely with our customers.

Thanks for that statement – really helpful. Meanwhile, Paddy O’Donnell said that his business Clarmac had already sold more Flakes this year than they had in the whole of last summer and was worried that he wouldn’t be able to keep up with the demand:

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I’m lucky to have some stock left.

They are impossible to get at the moment but there is word they will be coming out in dribs and drabs.

It is the first time I heard of a shortage like this.

Me too to be fair Paddy. Not really sure if this is going to ruin my summer that much as I can’t even really remember the last time I had a 99 flake, but I suppose if I see an ice cream van selling one this summer then I’ll have to pick one up. Great reverse marketing.

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