Someone Has Finally Invented Ice Cream Filled Doughnuts

Ice Cream Filled DOughnuts

Why hasn’t this happened sooner?

Ice cream and doughnuts are two of the best foods in the world and in this age of combining every food under the sun it really is a wonder that nobody has thought of merging these culinary delights until now.

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Someone has finally stepped up to the plate over in LA to create what they’re calling the Halo. Nice name. At B Sweet Desert Bar, you can now get a doughnut with a scoop of ice cream in the middle of it and it gets even better because the doughnut is heat sealed and made to order, so the ice cream stays cold inside whilst the doughnut itself stays warm. Mmmmmmm.

So it’s essentially an ice cream sandwich in a sealed doughnut which looks and sounds absolutely delicious. The current flavours are pretty dreamy too, with the current options including vanilla, mint chocolate chip, cookies and cream, rocky road, chocolate malted crunch, and ube. I basically really want this right now, so can someone please make one in the UK ASAP? Thank you in advance.

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