You Can Now Get Ice Cold Beer And Cider Delivered To Your Door In 20 Minutes

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Dreams = realised.

Don’t you hate it when you get a takeaway and there’s no option to add a couple of cold beers onto the order? You have to change out of your slippers and into your shoes, walk all the way down the road and even then there’s a 50p charge at the corner shop to use your card. It’s a real modern day issue.

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Well soon you’ll no longer have to worry about this slightly uncomfortable act as Deliveroo has announced that they’re teaming up with Heineken to create a whole new brand called Brew House, which promises to deliver ice cold beer and cider to your door in 20 minutes. Winning.


Deliveroo did previously launch an alcohol delivery back in June, but this is the first time they’ve started a standalone alcohol delivery service within the app. Brew House was birthed today across 15 places in London including Wimbledon, London Bridge and Balham. I just checked the website for my house and it doesn’t deliver here so fuck you Deliveroo… only joking. I’m sure this service will be available to the rest of London in no time at all and they even said there are plans to roll it out nationwide if all goes well.


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So far the menu offers a range of Heineken brands including Heineken, Amstel and Bulmers. It works similarly to Deliveroo in that you place your order and get it accepted by a local offie or alcohol shop, then it is picked up by one of their drivers before being delivered straight to your door. If you’re interested you can use this new service through the Deliveroo app, which you can download HERE. Enjoy, you bunch of alcoholics.


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