Ian Wright Used To Get Absolutely Blazed Off His Tits Before Playing Football Matches


High scorer.

Former Arsenal and Crystal Palace striker, Ian Wright, has said that he used to get high as fuck during his heydays as a footballer. Good on you, man – I can barely lift myself off the sofa when I’m blazed.

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The 52-year-old, who made the admission in his new autobiography ‘A Life in Football’, said that he’s smoked weed since a teenager and even almost got caught when playing for Crystal Palace at the age of 21.

Despite denying that he was addicted (no one’s ever addicted to weed), he said that it had become a ritual. But he decided to put the spliff down after the close encounter with Palace when he smoked before a game with West Brom.

In the book, he wrote:

I’d been smoking weed since I was about 17, not in a smoke-myself-into-uselessness type of way and I wasn’t worried about becoming an addict.

I was like the guy who enjoys a few drinks now and again but is nowhere near being an alcoholic.

As a kid I preferred smoking to drinking when I went out.

Ian Wright

I’d been around weed smokers from a very early age, and recently it had become something of an end-of-the-week ritual.

It didn’t even dawn on me that I was doing anything wrong.

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You weren’t mate – smoking the good stuff is way better than getting boozed. Probably not the best performance enhancer, although he seemed to do alright for himself. Aside from the bankruptcy stuff, but that’s all in the past. At least he never got himself caught up in any hooker scandals – he was probably too blazed.


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