Here’s Ian Wright Screaming Along To Smells Like Teen Spirt

Ian Wright

Ian Wright is one of the funnier/weirder football pundits out there, always getting highly emotional about Arsenal and often times coming out with completely bizarre points that don’t really make much sense whilst wearing some truly out there outfits as well.

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But that’s probably why he doesn’t come across as a prick like a lot of the pundits and probably why we love him and he’s only gone and added to his already extensive legacy with one of the dumbest videos I think I’ve seen this year. Wright was seemingly on his way to work or something yesterday when he decided to film himself in his car belting out ‘Smells Like Teen Spirt’.

Can’t really describe how good/strange this is so you might as well just dive in. Be warned though it’s pretty loud, so you might wanna turn down your volume:

What an absolute legend. Surprised he knows all the words as well to be honest as it’s pretty hard to tell what Kurt Cobain is saying a lot of the time – wonder if he had to look them up in the record sleeve or on the internet or anything before he filmed this video?

Either way it’s pretty cool that he uploads stuff like this and it’s probably why most people think he’s a pretty good guy even if he’s not exactly the best pundit out there. Don’t ever change pal.

For more Ian Wright, check him out talking about how he used to get blazed off his tits before he played in a football match. Legend.


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