Leaked Evidence Suggests The Police Allowed Paedophile Ian Watkins Brutally Rape Kids For 5 Years

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How could they let that happen?

South Wales police officers have come under fire recently amidst the revelation that they left ex-Lost Prophets singer/horrific paedophile Ian Watkins to rape children for five years by ignoring a vital witness.

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An investigation will be launched in an aim to instigate disciplinary action against the officers as they did not investigate the truly disturbing case of Watkins when they should’ve.

According to the police reports, Watkins’ ex-girlfriend, Joanne Mjadzelics, first notified Pontypridd social services about his dodgy behaviour back in 2008, saying that he had been molesting children. This date was five years before Watkins was jailed for 29 years after pleading guilty to sex crimes against toddlers and babies.

Joanne Mjadzelics

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Despite Joanne’s warning, the case was abandoned after six months and no action was taken. This was even after her telling the police that she had seven explicit photos of Watkins molesting children. Instead of doing anything, they simply noted Joanne as someone who is not to be trusted.

Joanne told The Sun:

I was ignored by the police on multiple occasions. It is now clear that, had I been listened to, some children would not have come to harm at Watkins’ hands.

The police have a lot to learn about how they treat credible witnesses and victims of abuse.

So sad. Had these guys have acted differently, they could have saved so many children’s lives. Their slip up allowed Watkins to carry on abusing children and for that, they should not be allowed to carry on in their profession.

And as for Watkins himself – I hope that he stays in prison for the rest of his days. He’s so evil, even his own family hate him.


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