This is a new documentary about skylining. It looks completely insane.

This looks amazing. It’s a documentary about some French skyliners (Tanchrede, Antoine, Julien and Seb) who are pioneers the sport and taking it to new levels. If you don’t know what skylining is it combines rock climbing, slacklining, base jumping and tightrope walking and is pretty wild insane. The trailer makes it look completely wild insane though as they balance from the skylines by their toes and upside down and do cartwheels off it and jump around and just generally do a bunch of crazy stuff. It was almost too scary for me just to watch the trailer because what they are doing is so dangerous and scary. But it looks like they’re having a great time!

I don’t really know what happens in the documentary because I haven’t watched it yet, but if it’s anything like the trailer I imagine it’s just them going around the world to different mountains and doing loads of crazy stunts like cartwheeling off mountains and walking a tightrope that’s like super high up some mountains without an safety protection. It’s insane, as I keep saying but I really can’t get my head around how crazy it looks. Judging by the trailer too it looks like it’s show amazingly well which just adds to the insanity of the sport. There are also some babes in it by the looks of the trailer, who look like the kind of girls who probably just hang out with the skyliners and get off on seeing them do all that crazy stuff. But I mean who could blame them? It’s super dangerous and nobody can deny that that isn’t super hot. Skylining is definitely a Sick Chirpse.

You can download the movie for something like 5 euros over at their official site. I think I might watch it today and maybe review it. It looks amazing. Hopefully I’ll be able to handle it and won’t get too scared.

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