Hyundai Massively Offend Vegans With Controversial Superbowl Advert


They compare veganism to some of the worst things in the world.

It generally seems that veganism is becoming slightly more accepted in most of society these days, but the guys at Hyundai weren’t hearing that as they decided to prepare their Superbowl advert deliberately comparing vegan dinner parties to some of the worst things in the world.

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The advert is pretty basic and features Jason Bateman as an elevator attendant who is taking people to some of the worst situations they could find themselves in during their lives, including root canal surgery, sitting in between two fat people on a plane and vegan dinner parties. The whole point is that car shopping is also pretty deadly, but with Hyundai it needn’t be thanks to some new app that they’ve bought out or something.

All people are really caring about is the vegan sleight though:

Ooof that’s a pretty dumb advert really isn’t it? I think it’s kinda funny when that woman runs over with the beet loaf, but needless to say the vegan community was pretty butthurt about it all. PETA immediately tweeted the following in way of a response:

Oooooh burn. Of course, there’s no such thing as bad publicity and I’m sure Hyundai knew that when they put in this triggering vegan point – the best thing to do would be for PETA to just ignore it so their new Shopper Assurance app isn’t even publicised, but we all know that a good vegan is never going to miss the chance to take part in an argument. Not sure if it’s the best way to spread their message though in this case.

The main thing I took fro the advert wasn’t the vegan diss or the Shopper Assurance app though, it was the weird way that Americans pronounce Hyundai. Who knew?

For more vegan baiting, check out this video from PETA claiming that vegans have more sex than meateaters. Sure.


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