Hyper Jack Russell Goes Wild And Smashes Opponents During Agility Course At Crufts

Hyper Jack Russell

Sugar overload.

Even if you love dogs, then watching Crufts is a bit of a boring chore most of the time, but occasionally a video like the one below emerges and you understand how great an event it really can be.

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The video shows an absolutely hyper Jack Russell competing on the agility course event. To say that this guy is out of control would be a slight understatement – he does exactly what he wants, when he wants and doesn’t stay still for even a second in the entire video. His owner looks a bit disappointed that he’s just running around everywhere avoiding all the obstacles, but you couldn’t ever stay mad at a dog like that, could you?

Lol what a joker. Favourite part is when he smashes into the pole and whacks his face but he just doesn’t give a toss and is right back at it again, running around like a madman. He probably didn’t win, but he sure as hell won the hearts of people on the internet, which is arguably a better prize than whatever they give away at Crufts these days.

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