Suspicious Wife Tests Husband With 16 Year Old Girl; Instantly Regrets It

Wife Husband Flirting 16 Year Old


When you’re married to someone, the last thing you want to worry about is the fact that they might be cheating on you with underage kids, but unfortunately that became a reality for the woman in this video.

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Ellen was told by her neighbours that her husband was on the sex offender’s register, but after he denied it she enlisted the help of the show ‘To Catch A Cheater’. They set it up so that her husband was approached by an 18-year-old girl pretending to be 16, who started flirting with him.

Unfortunately for Ellen, her husband neglected to mention the fact that they were married and instead took her phone number. Ouch. And things get even worse from there:

Awkward at the end there when he realises that she’s got a mic and runs after the car. Life over right there.

I’m not really sure on the insensitivity of the host  – surely “let’s see if your husband’s a paedo”‘ is something that nobody should say to anyone even in a serious manner, let alone a light hearted one to a woman who is clearly having her life destroyed by this video.

To be honest the whole thing is kinda mean to the dude too as even though he shouldn’t be messing around with a 16-year-old, they kind of completely entrap him by making her flirt with him outrageously for the whole video. Still, the dude is clearly a pervert and these two should definitely not be married, which is almost definitely the case now.

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