If New York Got Fucked By Hurricane Sandy, Then New Jersey Got Buttfucked

hurricane sandy new jersey featured

If you thought some of the pictures we posted yesterday of Hurricane Sandy fvcking up New York City were crazy, then you haven’t seen anything yet.

hurricane sandy new jersey featured

So yesterday I posted a bunch of stuff about Hurricane Sandy and today isn’t going to be any different. It’s not often that a hurricane comes along and even less often when it actually wreaks a shitload of destruction on a country/area and there are a bunch of awesome pictures and videos that come out of it, so you’ve gotta make the most of it. I’m not saying that Hurricane Sandy was a good thing – far from it – but if anything good has come out of it’s probably all these pictures. In the words of Jason Otts (if you don’t know who Jason Otts is, check out the post I did yesterday about bad photoshopped Hurricane Sandy photographs – he’s basically an unwitting internet troll who posted a dumbass still from the movie The Day After Tomorrow mistaking it for the coming storm from Hurricane Sandy and half an hour alter the photo had 10,000 shares or something) ‘Nature is so powerful, yet so beautiful.’

Yeah, so most of the pictures I’ve posted so far have been of New York City – with a couple from Atlantic City too – but it turns out that if you go a little bit north to New Jersey then that was the area that faced the most destruction from Hurricane Sandy. Here’s a selection of a few of the best photographs we’ve managed to find of the damage in the area – there are some real corkers in there, that’s for sure. Check them out below:

☛ More: Slow Motion Destruction Videos  

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