A Hunter Shot Dead His 18 Year Old Son After Mistaking Him For A Moose

Easy mistake to make.

There seem to be a whole bunch of stories about wild animal hunters getting their just desserts lately, but this one is decidedly more tragic than a few of the ones that we’ve featured recently.

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The story unfolds in Khanty-Mansiysk, a rural area in northern Russia where an 18 year old boy was hunting animals with his father. The area is known for its subarctic temperatures and snowy conditions and as such visibility was poor. You can probably see where this is going after reading the headline, but the father raised his gun and fired it after he thought he saw a moose – in fact he shot his 18 year old son though.

The Moscow Times said the following about the tragedy:

The hunter fired a rifle into a moving object in poor visibility, mistakenly believing that it was a moose.

Having come closer, the hunter saw that he mortally wounded his 18-year-old son.

To make the situation even worse, the father has now been charged with death by negligence, which could see him spend two years in jail if found guilty. Probably going to be an absolute nightmare having to relive the fact that he accidentally murdered his son during the trial as well. Gotta feel sorry for the guy. And his son. RIP.

I don’t normally get the love that posts about hunters getting killed etc usually get on here. I mean I’m against hunting totally but I don’t think I want to write some snarky comment at the end of this about how I think he got what he deserved because he ended up accidentally murdering his own son. That’s just not cool whatsoever.

For more of the same, here’s a story about a hunter who got stomped to death by an elephant. Not that cool either.


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