Hungover Woman Poops Herself On Way To Restaurant Loo, Says It’s Third Time This Year (VIDEO)

hungover woman

Three is the magic number.

We’ve all had those hangovers where it feels like the world is ending. The ones where you worry you might crap yourself and vomit all at the same time, all the while kicking last night’s self for ordering those tequilas.

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It’s at this point most of us vow never to drink again – but not if you’re the woman in this story.

She was filmed driving to a Del Taco in a bid to get to the loo before she shits herself, only to miss the bowl just at the last hurdle. What’s more, she reveals to her pal that it’s the third time she’s done this in a year.

Per the video’s description:

These two girls have been partying for three days and the driver can’t get to the bathroom fast enough. She doesn’t make it and ends up pooping her pants in the mens bathroom at Del Taco, making it the third time in one year.

Respect to the girl for seeing the funny side of it all. And to the friend for having a spare dress on hand to help her pal leave the restaurant with a teeny bit of dignity.

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