The Human Centipede 3 Is Confirmed For A May Release And Sounds Like The Grossest Of The Trilogy

Human Centipede 3

It’s set to feature a 500 person centipede.

Back when The Human Centipede first came out in 2010 I doubt anyone thought that Tom Six would actually end up making two more of them, or even end up being able to secure the funding to make two more of them. Apparently though we were all wrong, as he’s managed to do that and even worse is the fact that the third movie is what he describes as a ‘big time American feature movie’ – whatever that means – and they’ve actually got Eric Roberts to play a character in it. Sure, he might be washed up now and only manage to get roles in B movies like this because of his reputation as a tough guy actor, but the fact that he’s in it does offer some semblance of legitimacy to the project that it didn’t really have before.

Six has confirmed that the movie is finished and will show up in selected cinemas in the US on May 22nd and probably sometime shortly afterwards over here for everyone who actually wants to see it. He’s also explained that the movie is set in a maximum security prison in the desert in America and provided the following plot synopsis. You can also hear a sound clip and see a movie still in the video below:

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Bully prison warden Bill Boss (Dieter Laser), leading a big state prison in the US of A, has a lot of problems; his prison statistically has the highest amount of prison riots, medical costs and staff turnover in the country. But foremost he is unable to get the respect he thinks he deserves from his inmates and the state Governor (Eric Roberts). He constantly fails in experimenting with different ideas for the ideal punishment to get the inmates in line, which drives him, together with the sizzling heat, completely insane. Under threats of termination by the Governor, his loyal right hand man Dwight (Laurence R Harvey) comes up with a brilliant idea. A revolutionary idea which could change the American prison system for good and save billions of dollars. An idea based on the notorious Human Centipede movies, that will literally and figuratively get the inmates on their knees, creating the ultimate punishment and deterrent for anyone considering a life of crime. Having nothing to lose, Bill and Dwight create a jaw-dropping 500-person prison centipede.

Well, I suppose if you were one of the people that liked the first two movies then you’re going to like the sound of that. Interestingly, Dieter Laser and Laurence R Harvey played the leads in the first two movies but are playing completely different characters in this one. Well, it’s not really that interesting but it’s the kind of thing a director does to seem like they’re cool and edgy and relevant isn’t it?

Six has also revealed that he made the 500 person long centipede ‘Spartacus style’ with 500 extras and no CGI anywhere in sight. Again, I’m surprised that 500 people have even watched these movies, let alone would want to volunteer to be a part of a human centipede but I suppose I’m just not this movie’s target audience. If you’re the kind of person that does enjoy it though, check out this list of the 13 most bleak and depressing movies ever or this one featuring ten movies that will make you lose faith in life itself for some more ways to brighten up your day. No worries.


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