Hulk Hogan Is Training Rapper Riff Raff To Become A Wrestler In 2015

The most embarrassing parts of rap music and pro wrestling are about to combine in 2015.

If you’re not familiar with Riff Raff, he’s the real life version of the character that James Franco plays in Spring Breakers — a guy who spits absolute gibberish and looks like someone’s parody version of what an OTT wannabe rap-star looks like (he’s 100% for real though). Here’s one track that pretty much sums up what he’s about:

Well, those who’d like to see Riff Raff receive a slap in 2015 are in luck, because Hulk Hogan’s son Nick has has convinced him to get in shape and try out for a potential run in the pro wrestling world.

And who better to train him than the Hulkster himself?

Safe to say we’ll be seeing him in our When Pro Wrestling Goes Wrong series in the not-too-distant future if this goes ahead.


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