Guess Who’s Back? Our Old Pal Hulk Hogan

We’re letting bygones be bygones with Hulk Hogan – because the big man is about to return to the ring at the ripe old age of 60.

We’re not going to hold the fact that Hulk Hogan tried to sue us a couple years back against him, because this news is too huge not to share: the Hulkster is returning to the WWE in just a few short days on Monday Night Raw!

If you didn’t grow up idolising Hulk Hogan then your childhood must have been a painfully lacking one. You probably never learnt the importance of drinking your milk, taking your vitamins and saying your prayers. That’s the wisdom that Hogan brought with him to the ring every time, whether he was bodyslamming Andre the Giant at Wrestlemania III, or forgetting his lines and accidentally calling himself gay on live TV.

Never mind the fact he’s in his 60s, has awful back and knees injuries and a battery implant under his skin to keep his heart beating — Terry Bollea is back and Hulkamania is gonna run wild one last time. Can’t wait.

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