Hugh Jackman’s Wife Is PISSED That People Keep Saying She’s Lucky For Marrying Him

Hugh Jackman’s wife kinda looks like his mum.

If you thought super jacked Hollywood A-lister Hugh Jackman would be married to either a) a hot female co-star or b) a 10/10 supermodel you’d be wrong.

Meet Mrs. Hugh Jackman AKA 58 year old Deborra-Lee Furness:

jackman 1


They’ve been married for 20 years, meaning Hugh Jackman was 25 and she was 38 when they married.

Deborra said in an interview in Australia about being called ‘lucky’:

That to me is a putdown. It’s like you suggesting I won the chook raffle. If you want something, you put it out there with good intention and you realise it.

Well, not gonna argue with that. She wanted a younger, super famous dude and she got him. We’re guessing Deborra-Lee Furness was smoking hot at 38 and Jackman just Wolverine-fucked all the hotness out of her over 20 years.

Good on them for staying together for so long – yet more proof that Hugh Jackman is a solid dude.

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