Huge Queues Formed At McDonalds As They Finally Opened For Takeaway In The UK


Everyone rejoiced as the country was encouraged to go back to work today – or something like that – and it seems like people were even more excited about the fact that some McDonald’s outlets were finally open for takeout, as delivery drivers queued up for miles outside so that people could get their Big Mac fix.

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Here’s a few of the best pictures from all over the country. Apparently one couple drove all the way from Romford to Chelmsford and then set their delivery address from across the road from McDonald’s so that they could sample some of that goodness. The world really does astound me sometimes.

If you’re not in the radius of one of the re-opened stores, there is good news as 30 more stores will be re-opening with drive thru from the 20th May. Here’s what CEO Paul Pomroy had to say about it:

There has been an incredible response to news of our reopening and we know many of you are eager for us to extend our reopening plans at a faster pace.

The well-being of our employees, suppliers and delivery partners’ couriers is my top priority and we will only extend our plans at a pace that enables us to create a safe working environment for our teams.

In the last few days, updated government guidance has been shared in both the UK and Ireland, which makes it clear that takeaways and deliveries can operate.

In line with government guidance, next week we will begin the next phase of reopening a further 30 pilot restaurants in the UK and Ireland, offering service through the Drive-Thru lane from Wednesday 20 May.

We’re almost back to normal! Woo!

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