Watch This Huge Pet Python Attack Its Owner And Almost Escape

All kinds of no.

I’ve never really understood the attraction of owning pets that could legitimately kill you and between ‘Tiger King’ and this video, my mind has definitely not been changed in 2020.

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The video shows a woman messing around with her pet python and getting it out of the glass enclosure where she keeps it – which it clearly doesn’t seem to like too much. As soon as it senses freedom, it bites her hand and then quickly wriggles around her arm, as the woman and her mate in the video clearly start to panic.

Fortunately the guy filming continues to shoot the whole thing. Well, until the woman gets in such a precarious position that it’s probably not worth continuing because she legit might die:

Holy moly – how the heck is she gonna get out of that one? There’s not even any follow up so there’s  a real chance that this may have been the end for her, although you kinda think that the dude wouldn’t have uploaded it if that was actually the case. Hope she’s cool though.

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