A Huge Fire Has Broken Out At The Port In Beirut Where There Was A Massive Explosion

More troubles over in Lebanon.

Remember that massive explosion that happened in Beirut about a month ago? Seems a lot longer ago than that, but perhaps it’s more shocking that nobody has really been talking about the aftermath of it and what Beirut has been doing to try and recover from it since it happened.

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Well, it seems like things are getting even worse over there because a gigantic fire has been filmed taking place in the exact same port as where the explosion occurred. It’s not yet known how the fire started but it’s thought that it grew in stature as it burned through oil and tyres that were stored in the port.

Thankfully, officials are saying that there’s no concern that there might be another explosion, but even so looking at these video of the blaze make it look like it a serious problem:

Whoa that really doesn’t look like it’s under control at all does it? I guess there might be some consolation that it couldn’t really destroy that much because the port was already completely totalled, but even so it’s not a good look for Lebanon and isn’t going to help any attempted rebuilding. There was already a massive economic crisis over there before Coronavirus hit so I fear that all of these major disasters are going to set them back even further. Good luck to anyone over there.

Of course, I’m sure some conspiracy theorists will say that this is very suspicious and it might be indicative of someone trying to destroy some kind of evidence that was located in the Beirut port, but we’ll let that one slide for the time being. Sure there will be some YouTube channel going viral in a couple of months with some theories on the matter though.

For more of the same, check out multiple angles of that massive explosion. Completely crazy.


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