Here Are A Bunch Of Videos Of The Massive Explosion In Beirut Yesterday

Completely devastating.

There’s no denying that the explosion in Beirut yesterday was like nothing we’ve ever seen before – only Hiroshima or 9/11 even come close I think – as it’s being estimated that its effect were felt over 150 miles away from the epicentre.

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Many speculated at the time that it may have been a nuclear blast, but it’s now being blamed on a shipment of ammonia nitrate that had been left untended in the docks of Beirut for the last six years after it was confiscated from a Moldovan ship and nobody knew what to do with it, so just left it there. Here’s the tweet that seems to prove this:

Then yesterday, a man was welding shut a door at a fireworks factory where he set some of the rockets off which subsequently started a fire that spread to the ammonia nitrate, apparently causing the blast – although I’m sure there are already countless conspiracy theories out there. If this is indeed the story then it’s a completely tragic and negligent set of circumstances and coincidences that have led to one of the biggest disasters in world history. Our thoughts are with those affected in Lebanon and we hope that the country can get back on its feet, although that is probably going to be a lot easier said than done.

I imagine most of us have seen at least one video of the blast, but when you scroll through Twitter there is so much footage of it and every single video gives a different perspective to the others on the sheer scale, power and destructive impact that it had. Can’t actually believe that some of the people filming were still alive and able to upload their videos considering how close they were.

Here’s a selection:

Fucking hell. Really can’t get over how absolutely all engulfing that blast is – kinda surprised that there hasn’t been more death and destruction to be honest, although what has happened and been recorded is completely awful. Just seems like it would be even more monumental from some of those videos.

RIP to those who have died as a result of this terrible accident and again, our thoughts and prayers are with anyone affected.

For more of the same, check out this supercut of the biggest explosions ever. Not sure how they rank now after that one.


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