Zomby Punches Hudson Mohawke In The Face At XOYO

Hudson Mohawke and Zomby got into a physical fight last night and then carried on the beef on Twitter later.

Last night at London’s ZOYO, music producers Hudson Mohawke and Zomby got into it physically. No, they weren’t grinding on the dance floor and lipsing each other up all night – according to Zomby’s account of things on Twitter he destroyed Hudson with a flurry of punches while the bouncers turned a blind eye and all the hot girls went around talking about how hard he is. In Zomby’s own words (most deleted):

Let him talk all the shit he wants he just caught 3 in the face LOL

– ZOMBY ® (@ZombyMusic) March 8, 2014

@HudMo my thumb is getting gangreeen from your teeth

– ZOMBY ® (@ZombyMusic) March 8, 2014

Not even your mates backed u….lol

– ZOMBY ® (@ZombyMusic) March 8, 2014

No one backed me but me as usual

– ZOMBY ® (@ZombyMusic) March 8, 2014

Lost yourself. We are so far ahead. Now u know

– ZOMBY ® (@ZombyMusic) March 8, 2014

Seen cut thumb from hudmo teeth. Next time xx

Ask security for footage. See me slapping shit out of u while 3 security who smoke with me after try stop me. U pussy

U pussy. Front it next time rather than hide round corners so my man can spot u And u don’t get 4 in the jaw

I know you read this you beg me up u Scottish prick u can’t front me u just found out

Think I’m lying. Ask anyone who was say deviation what happened

That pussy. Don’t try it with me I’ll come directly to your jawline

My sweater worth more than your life but let’s not go into that u don’t know givenchy unless i wore it first @HudMo

He keep tweeting. But the truth is he just got the shit slapped out of him and security took him away for his own good. Then smoked with me

My man did a beat for some famous rapper and no one have a fuck so wants to try fuck with me and the cult. U just got warning punches

Next I’ll get real time xx

Gimme that free promotion bitch..while u wipe your blooded lip

– ZOMBY ® (@ZombyMusic) March 8, 2014

That boy he’s a snake wants to come sabotage my shit lol. U got a first taste. Keep tweeting cuz I’ll see u again Hudson u little fassy

Anytime again is fine I’ll see u

That’s 1. Watch me catch em in real time

He a fan. He come to our show. He hate he get slapped. He cry on twitter cuz he a hoe.

I mean I had the flu all week I still rock up kill a club and slap up a pussyhole – ZOMBY ® (@ZombyMusic) March 8, 2014

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