How To Do A Sick Chirpse, With Batman_LDN

Learn how to do a Sick Chirpse on your favourite fit celebrities.

Our old friend Batman_LDN will be contributing to Sick Chirpse on a weekly basis, probably every Monday, maybe every Tuesday, or more likely whatever day he decides to send us one of his fucked up Sick Chirpse life lessons. You may already know Batman_LDN from his mental Twitter account (which you can read here) or from his Instagram/Soundcloud etc which are all as fucked up as each other. If not then don’t worry, cos Batman’s going to share with you all how you can best pull off a Sick Chirpse on your favourite fit celebrities each and every week right here on Sick Chirpse. This week we’re starting the show with a trio of advice featuring Kate Upton, Tulisa and ‘that girl from Waterloo road with the massive tits’. Word.


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