How To Dance At A Rave

How to dance at a rave

Learn how to dance at a rave, with Leroy, a man from Sweden who is off his head.

When going to a high class event such as a rave, you don’t want to suffer an embarrassing faux pas such as not knowing how to dance.

Fear no more, as Leroy is here to cure you and teach you the way of the dance.

Majestic and magical, Leroy, a young Swedish man with some form of classic dance training and a clear love for naughty substances, gives step by step instructions on how to really shake it down.

Forget your waltz and your salsa. This is real dancing, the kind that leaves you feeling like Michael Flatley and Michael Jackson’s love child after a heavy dose of chemicals.

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Master the Chernobyl child and you will have the other party goers in the palm of your hand. Serving the ping pong even solves the problem of what to do when there is a break in the song, the part that usually leaves people looking like a puppet slowly having its strings cut. Those who feel up to the challenge would also welcome the advanced version that gets pretty intense.

This man should be on the tourist board for Sweden. He has accidentally done more for Stockholm than Arnie ever did for California.

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