VIDEO: How Many Men Does It Take To Move An Entire House?

Apparently it’s 80 according to this video. Amish, duh.

If you’re Amish it must really suck when you can’t use technology or machinery to do stuff that most people would be able to do easily. Of course, there are some ways around it for them but for the most part that is how they live their lives and they seem to enjoy it.

And why not? If ever you have to do something like MOVE AN ENTIRE HOUSE from one side of the village to the other, you just get all the guys from the community (about 80 according to this video) and get them to pick up the house and move it like it’s no big deal at all. It’s not even hard to turn it all the way round and manoeuvre it over a hill.

You better watch out for the Amish, because with teamwork like this it seems like they might be able to accomplish anything in the near future. FYI, this was in a Mennonite community in Spartansburg Pennsylvania, if ever you need your house moving across the other side of the village double quick.

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