VIDEO: How A Hot Dog Is Made

Hot Dogs

An episode of How’s It Made profiles hot dogs, and they’re even ranker than you could have imagined.

Everybody knows that sausages/hot dogs are made from the leftover crap in animals that nobody wants to eat, but I doubt you ever thought that that crap looked as disgusting as it actually does when you’re wolfing down a hot dog with extra onions.

Unfortunately, this video explains exactly what goes on and if you ever want to eat another hot dog or sausage again then I would suggest clicking off this page now and never ever returning. The process involves getting pork, beef and chicken residue, grounding it down and reshaping it into a hot dog alongside some salt, starch and disgusting looking ‘additional flavourings’. It also involves water spraying, vacuumed air and fine emulsion to finally produce a little wiener.

Incredibly, it only takes 35 seconds to make enough hot dogs to fill two football fields, and in one eight hour shift 2.5 million are produced. It’s a shame that this video got made though because I doubt anyone is ever going to want to eat another one after seeing it.

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