Hoverbikes Are Finally Here


Hoverbikes are awesome, but I always thought they were just a Star Wars fanboy’s unrealistic wet dream. Until now.


You know what it’s like. You’re stuck in insanely slow traffic that’s moving about 2mm an hour and it’s adding even more headstress to a shittier day than the shittiest of shitty days and all you wanna do is get home, chill the fvck out, bump a can or two and watch a Nic Cage classic with some green before catching some Z’s.

When you’re stuck in that traffic, don’t you sometimes think ‘why the fvck haven’t hoverbikes been invented yet, if I was riding one of those bad boyz all these cunts would move out of my way because I’d look so motherfucking cool?’


Just me then. But fvck it, I don’t give a shit. Because hoverbikes are cool. Always will be. And people would definitely move out of the way if I was driving one. I used to think they were just something I saw in Star Wars and they’d never be real, but those cool inventor dudes have brought a tear to my eye and have once again shown why I love them so much.

Unfortunately, it might be a while before we can buy one of the beautiful creatures because Aerofax (the bros who made it) are shopping them to the military first. And I thought those guys were cool…

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