New Data Reveals 300,000 Attempts To Access Adult Content In Parliament

Data released this week shows that computers within the houses of parliament made 300,000 attempts to access adult content.

In another fine instance of ‘leading by example’ , information obtained this week using the freedom of information act has revealed that last year, nearly 300,000 attempts were made to access adult websites from computers within the Houses of Parliament. In the wake of news that David Cameron will be introducing online adult content filters (censorship by another name) this is surely incredibly embarrassing for the government.

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The data equates to an average of 800 attempts per day, and represents around 5000 employees. Not surprisingly, the excuses are fast flowing. People in politics make a living avoiding answers and their reaction to this data is no exception, with one House Of Commons spokeswoman stating;

“We do not consider the data to provide an accurate representation of the number of purposeful requests made by network users due to the variety of ways in which websites can be designed to act, react and interact and due to the potential operation of third party software.”

David Cameron

I’m surprised they didn’t pull the ‘Chris Langham’ and claim they were merely doing research, perhaps they will think of that one soon. Granted, their excuses are more convincing than a teenage boy attempting to explain his internet history to his mother, but make no mistake, they hide the exact same intentions. Additionally, let’s not forget that these people are accessing this material at work. I proudly consider myself sickeningly liberal, and even I think you shouldn’t be looking at ‘erotic entertainment’ at work.

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Another shocker then – the government refuses to abide by the rules it imposes on the rest of us. The people who will harm children are not the dead-eyed actress or the muscular actor making noises like wounded animals, they are the people sat in the Houses Of Parliament, masturbating like safari park chimps.


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