Hotel Employee Gets Beat With A Stapler For Allegedly Calling His Colleague The N-Word (VIDEO)

What was he thinking?

It’s never a good time for a white person to use the N-word, but it’s an especially good idea to never use it in front of ‘Simon’ here, unless you want to catch a beatdown for your troubles.

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From the sounds of it, Simon’s colleague has just brainlessly called him the N-word, and we join the footage in progress as Simon makes an example of him:

Jeez, that’s not a great look for him is it? Being dragged around the floor like a rag doll, battered with a stapler and smacked across the face, all the while repeatedly using the N-word to insist that he never used the N-word. What a nightmare being caught up in that kind of racist Catch-22.

Who knows, there might’ve been some pent-up tension between the two men for weeks or months before this and Simon finally just snapped. I like to think he’s always cool, calm and polite like every decent hotel worker is, and that this was a completely new side to Simon no one had ever seen before. Yeah OK he’s probably going to lose his job and do some jail time over beating the shit out of his colleague like this, but at least everyone now knows to not use the N-word around him (allegedly). Chat shit get banged indeed.

To watch a white BLM protester use the N-word and then explain why it’s OK for him to say it, click HERE. WTF?


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