Watch This Wasted Hot Dog Customer Get Banged Out For Being A Disgusting Prick


The noise as his fist hits the face is pure poetry.

If you’re going to get drunk and try and partake in an eating challenge, then you had better make sure that you’re not going to be a complete asshole when you don’t manage to finish it. Ain’t nobody wanting to see or deal with that.

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One guy who has probably seen enough of that shit over the years is this hot dog vendor from somewhere in Europe – sorry I can’t place the accent or language. He’s well known in the area for his self-made ‘world’s hottest hot dog’ known as ‘The Harakiri’ and if you finish it in a certain time then he’ll give you a t-shirt.

The guy is also well known in the area for being very short with drunk customers, and he takes absolutely no shit from this dude who is arguing about the t-shirt and then spits out the rest of his hot dog all over the grill. There ain’t no messing here – the dude gets sparked out straight away:

Damn. I know the guy doesn’t get KOed but that noise as his fist hits his face is pure poetry, especially accompanied by that look of shock like he doesn’t know where he is. I bet he’ll be feeling that for a few days, but in fairness it serves him right for spitting all over the grill – that was a dick move.

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