Horse Meat Infographic

Horsemeat Infographic Featured

We haven’t really been covering the horse meat scandal here on Sick Chirpse (sorry) so here’s a cool infographic that tells you pretty much everything you need to know about it.

Horsemeat Infographic FeaturedThis company hit us up and asked us to publish this infographic and normally we don’t go in for that bullshit and only publish infographics that we genuinely like and have found ourselves on the internet but I thought that we hadn’t really covered that much of the horse meat crisis here on Sick Chirpse so it was worth taking a look at. And to be fair, the infographic is completely sick and tells you everything you need to know about pretty much everything that has happened since the horse meat crisis started.

You’ve got a timeline of the events, an explanation of why horse meat is bad (or can be bad) for humans and it explains how it’s possible that horse meat can enter the food chain. There’s a bit of a crappy bit at the end about why Americans don’t eat horsemeat and I’m not really sure why that’s been included – I guess because the company are American or something. I don’t really get why it’s important in the context of a European horse meat crisis though.

Whatever. You may as well just enjoy this infographic and get educated about the whole horse meat scandal. Just maybe skip the last part because it’s kind of a snoozefest.

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