Horrific Video Shows Bullies Repeatedly Punching 13 Year Old Boy In The Face

It’s never nice to share videos like the one below, but these horrific bullies deserve to be named and shamed and have it held over their heads for the rest of their lives because their actions are some of the most vile that I think I’ve ever covered on this page.

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The video basically shows some kids who look like they’re around 16 or 17 picking on a much younger boy who looks around 11 and making him take shot after shot to the face. In fairness to the young kid he does eat them and doesn’t start crying or anything, but they look like they really really hurt and it’s just completely rank that these kids are doing this to him.

At the end of the video, one of them then tells him to take off all his clothes and get down on the floor but fortunately it cuts so we don’t see that. I really hope that didn’t happen but unfortunately I’m not sure why it wouldn’t have gone down.

Here’s the video – be warned, it’s deeply upsetting:

Fuck me that’s absolutely awful isn’t it? The word on Twitter is that the Metropolitan Police were contacted and actually pulled their fingers out for once and tracked these kids down and arrested them. There’s also this incredible wholesome post from rapper Silky, who found out that the young boy – whose name is Aiden – was a fan of his music and went to go and see him to try and cheer him up:


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Great work there from Silky, but you really do have to ask yourself how people get into the mindset where they enjoy doing what the bullies in that video are doing? Hopefully they get arrested and sent to jail and some kind of rehabilitation is attempted, but I feel like there might not be any hope for them after that video. Not really sure if they even deserve a second chance either to be honest.

UPDATE: The original poster put up some more information about what has happened to Aiden since the attack, including a GoFundMe if you want to donate and some text messages from the bullies to the kid’s father which again are deeply upsetting:

Fucking hell those text messages from the kid are absolutely terrifying. Guy really needs to be arrested and locked up ASAP. Absolute scum.

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