Horrific Footage Shows Girl Nearly Get Decapitated On Broken Fairground Ride

Fairground ride

That’s some Final Destination shit.

A video has emerged this week showing the terrifying moment a woman nearly meets her death at a French fairground.

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The phone footage shows a woman falling out of her harness midway through a fairground ride, only to be then hurtled through the air like a rag doll.

Her head skims the ground at such a fast speed – if she had been hanging just an inch lower she would’ve been decapitated. Amazingly she survived despite passing the ground seven times before the ride was stopped. The footage was allegedly taken at La Foire du Trone in Reuilly, Paris:

And that’s exactly why I don’t go on fairground rides. I’m fully aware that the odds are on my side, but I still don’t want to risk it.

I’d much rather just sit in my nice safe home and ruin my body in other ways.


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