Hooters Release The Worst Ever World Cup Advert

Hooters Worst World Cup Advert

Ok so obviously Hooters prides itself on being tacky and obviously it’s an American restaurant, but even so this is painful.

Ok, so everyone knows Hooters is a really tacky American company that is famous for being a sports bar for guys where girls with humongous tits serve you in skimpy outfits, but even so this advert is totally devoid of tact, wit, humour or anything at all.

As with most American adverts regarding football (or soccer, whatever) it plays off the fact that most Americans don’t know what football is (original) which can actually be done pretty well, but here it’s just completely dry and stale and about as dumb and unfunny as one of the girls that actually works there.

There are two guys sitting there (who may or may not be celebrities over there, I’m not sure at all) talking about whether it’s a football or futbol ad, then a waitress gets involved, then another guy, then another Hooter’s girl has one of the unfunniest punchlines in advert history. Then it fades to some text and you’re sat there thinking ‘what, really?! That’s it?!’

If I was American, I wouldn’t be going to watch the World Cup in Hooters after that advert. Although they do have pretty good wings so maybe I’d stop by for an ice hockey match or something.

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