Hooter’s Girls Remember 9/11

Hooter’s pay their own unique tribute to 9/11. It’s about as trashy as their stupid restaurant.

Everyone knows it was the 10th anniversary of 9/11 yesterday – the day that pretty much shaped the past ten years politically and socially and helped to finally shift the unknown enemy over from the red of the Russians to the bearded Islamic terrorist. It’s possible that without the events of 9/11 we wouldn’t have had TV shows like 24, so I guess (arguably) something good emerged from it.

Anyway, obviously it was 9/11 yesterday and I thought maybe Sick Chirpse could do something about 9/11 – like when I wrote something about 4/20 – but I didn’t think it was really that appropriate to the tone of the site and in any case I was pretty hanging after partying pretty hard with Shoey the night before, so I just posted up one of Gary Morton’s short stories instead. Probably the best decision.

In fact, definitely the best decision when you see the spectacular video that Hooter’s and their girls prepared to remember the tragedy of 9/11. How could I compete with this? I can’t decide whether they made this to actually try and commemorate the events of 9/11 or just to try and get everyone to lighten up about it and stop being so down over the weekend. I mean seriously, which genius at Hooter’s thought that it would be a good idea to make this video? I mean I guess most american organisations are doing similar tributes for 9/11 but again, seriously Hooter’s? Did Hooter’s seriously think that the American populace wanted to see their big breasted girls on the anniversary of the day of their worst ever national tragedy? Remember, this is Hooter’s, the trashiest restaurant in the history of trashy restaurants –  just what were Hooter’s hoping to achieve  by putting out this ad? To show that Hooter’s waitresses are compassionate and intelligent human beings possibly? Sure, try watching the video and trying to count how many of them have had breast implants or talk like they’re airheads. You’ll lose count real quickly. I really can’t see what reaction Hooter’s thought this video would achieve other than the stinging comments that their Youtube channel has been bombarded with. Maybe the people that run Hooter’s are as dumb as the girls that work there.

I’ve got some real beef with how it’s titled ‘Hooter’s Girls Remember 9/11/’ too, as during the whole piece not one of them says anything to remember 9/11, they just constantly say thanks to all the firemen and other people who help to keep the country safe or helped out that day. That’s not really remembering 9/11 is it?  Again, it’s not really doing anything to promote the image of Hooters as a place that hires dumb women with big tits because it just makes them look even stupider. I guess nobody else was probably as pedantic as me though in noticing that though. At least the Hooter’s Girls are all smiling a bunch in the video. It’s probably because Hooters is, like, such a fun place to work, you know?

This is one of the stupidest and trashiest commercials/ads I have ever seen. It almost actually offends me. Almost. But I guess if you’re American it gave you an excuse to look at tits on a day when you were supposed to be mourning the tragedy of 9/11. I guess maybe that was the idea behind it when Hooter’s decided to make it?

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