Someone Has Invented A Hoodie That You Can Actually Use To Smoke Weed

Hoodie Smoke Weed

Take my money now – this could be the best invention ever.

Talk about innovation – this could be the most awesome invention we’ve ever encountered.

It’s a hoodie that literally allows you to smoke weed through its drawstrings. One drawstring acts as a mouthpiece whilst the other drawstring acts as the distributor funnel. Ingenious right?

The revolutionary invention comes courtesy of two companies: Hood Horkerz and vapRwear. The Hood Horkerz hoodie features a mouthpiece and a glass bowl on the drawstrings, whilst the vapRwear hoodie features a mouthpiece on one string and a vaporiser on the other that you can use to smoke e-juice, oil blend, dry herb and wax.

There’s currently a lot of beef going on between the two companies over who exactly came up with the idea first, but we think they should both just put on their hoodies and blaze up together to try and get over their differences. Maybe even swap hoodies as a sign of solidarity.

In the meantime here’s a few pictures of people enjoying wearing – and utilising the different – hoodies. Scroll left or right with the arrow keys on your computer or slide on mobile to go through them.

Pretty sure by the end of the slideshow you’ll have decided that you’ll need to buy one immediately – there isn’t really another option. We’re pretty sure it’ll shortly be joining this list of weird inventions that don’t really make any sense but are ultimately genius very soon.

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