This Homeowner Claims To Have The Worst Toilet In Britain

Bog standard.

A UK homeowner named John Furniss-Wright claims that he deserves the title of owner of the ‘world’s worst toilet’.

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That’s a pretty bold statement, but when you see the state of his bog, you’ll understand why. John, who lives in East Yorkshire, shared pictures of his toilet in a bid to win MyBuilder’s ‘worst bathroom’ competition.

Worst bathroom1

The bathroom in question has no floor tiles, a collapsed wall and a horrific pink toilet and sink. The 59-year-old is hoping to claim the cash prize, which is intended to help the winner with renovation costs. He said:

When we moved into our flat recently it had leaks everywhere.

Water had been flowing into the wall continuously for six months – and due to the damp, the wall next to the toilet collapsed with the weight of the radiator.

Under the bath we found loft insulation that had been put there to soak up water from the shower, as the bath was not sealed.

We have had to take up the vinyl floor and strip the off to dry out the walls and floor.

As for the colour and the smell I would rather not go there.

Worst bathroom 2

Grimy. If you reckon that your bathroom is even worse then you should enter the competition because the prize is £2000 in cash. You could definitely sort out your bathroom with that amount of money, but it looks like you’ve got stiff competition with John’s grimy loo.

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