Homeless Guy Spends Last Coins On Winning Lottery Ticket

A homeless Hungarian man spent his very last pennies on a lottery ticket and won $2.8 million – are you happy for him?

55-year-old homeless and unemployed recovering alcoholic László Andraschek was down to his last few coins when he decided to buy a lottery ticket in his native Hungary.

“I had only picked 6 numbers and the female shop assistant reminded me that I needed to pick a 7th. I told her to make it 24 — it doesn’t matter, anyway”.

He ended up winning £1.7 million, paying off all his debts, buying his kids a car and apartment, and he’s also made a hefty donation to a homeless shelter and is setting up foundations to help addicts and victims of domestic abuse.

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Not gonna lie, I’m hating on this guy all day. Some homeless Hungarian who basically pissed his life away won the lottery and is now a millionaire and we’re supposed to feel happy for him? Well personally I’m sick and tired of reading about unemployed and homeless people winning the lottery all the time. When are we going to read about the hard-working blogger who brings joy and laughter to thousands every day winning the lottery? When’s god going to decide that one of us can do with a £1.7 million cash injection? Not really fair is it?

Just kidding, congrats László Andraschek.


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