Harrowing Video Shows Day In The Life Of A Homeless 13 Year Old Drug Addict


Kamlesh prefers to live on the streets rather than at home where he isn’t allowed to get high.

Whilst it’s a sad fact of life that there are many homeless drug addicts out there living on the street, you normally expect these people to be fully grown adults and not really young kids.

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This isn’t the case though, as the video below proves. It revolves around Kamlesh, a 13-year-old solution addict in Delhi. Kamlesh is so hooked on the drug that he prefers to live on the streets and root through trash rather than live at home, where he is no longer allowed to get high.

Pretty heartbreaking stuff:

Geez. That is just so sad I don’t really know what to say about it.

I hope that kid gets off the solution and makes something of his life, but the way he was talking and given that this was happening in Delhi, I can’t really see that happening. Sucks.

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