Homeland: Can You Really Trust This Ginger?

Critically acclaimed US show ‘Homeland’ has arrived and raises the serious issue of ginger terrorists.

For decades now people with red hair have been cruelly referred to as gingers in the school playgrounds and offices across the land. A common misconception of gingers is they are inferior in some way to the rest of us due to their fiery coloured hair. You never see any famous gingers doing anything of any importance except for the likes of Paul Scholes, Anne Robinson and the Sherminator from American Pie. We especially don’t get too many TV shows that have a ginger person as a lead actor. Not since the days of Murder She Wrote has a rusty haired actor graced our screens probably due to the lack of good ginger actors. Anyway, that’s all changed now. Homeland, the most critically acclaimed US TV show of this year has an English ginner as the bad guy and he might even be working for Al Qaeda? Is the world ready for ginger terrorists?

In Homeland, we follow Nicholas Brody (Damien Lewis) an American soldier who is freed from captivity in Afghanistan and returns home after five years. US Homeland Security agent Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) has received a tip off that an American soldier in captivity has been turned against the west and had joined Al Qaeda. She basically reckons it’s him and starts following him in his personal life and putting cameras around his house and practically up his arse whilst she assesses his every move.

The personal lives of our main characters prove to be the fascinating insight which makes this show great. Brody’s fit wife has been banging his best mate (a non ginge) for the last five years presuming he was dead and now she doesn’t know what to do. Brody has forgotten how to love his wife as he practically rapes her during the first time they are intimate with each other. Carrie wears a wedding ring she keeps taking on and off which questions whether she has been married at some point or does she just wear it because she is battling with some severe psychological issues? Who knows?! But that’s what’s great about this show, everyone is fucked slightly.

If you were a fan of 24 or you like ginger people then I recommend this to you. With it’s slow, constant sense of paranoia and suspense throughout each episode make this truly gripping TV show I’ve seen in donkeys years and brings ginger terrorism into our home. If you have missed the start of Homeland then fear not as it’s on 4OD NOW!


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