Holy Roar Records Founder Alex Fitzpatrick Has Been Accused Of Multiple Rapes And Sexual Misconduct

Here we go again.

Not sure how many people reading this will be aware of Holy Roar Records, but they’re a pretty big deal in the hardcore/alternative scene over here so it’s kind of big news that their co-founder Alex Fitzpatrick has been accused of multiple rapes and sexual assaults via an Instagram account yesterday. These stories were then backed up by someone else on Twitter.

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Here’s what has been said about Fitzpatrick (CW for rape and abuse, resources on the final slide on the Instagram post if you’ve been affected):

Since this was posted many of the bands on the label like Apologies, I Have None and Rolo Tomassi have already issued statements distancing themselves from the label and Fitzpatrick. Both Holy Roar and Fitzpatrick are yet to make statements.

This kind of thing seems to be happening all the time in the alternative music scene – it was only last week that the singer of the band Issues was accused of paedophilia – so it’s clear that there’s some kind of problem there. Obviously we don’t condone this behaviour and stand with the survivors, I just wish this kind of shit didn’t happen any more and we didn’t have to talk about it, especially after the almost constant outpouring of similar stories that have emerged over the past few years. We must all do better.


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