Hoarder Fills £500K House With So Many Newspapers He Has To Sleep On Driveway



I’ve never really understood people that keep so much junk in their houses that they barely have any space to move, but the guy in this story is taking it to a whole different level as he can’t even sleep in his house anymore because of all the stuff in there.

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The unnamed man collected so many newspapers and filled his £500,000 house so full of them that he was now being forced to sleep in his car on the driveway. 43 year old professional cleaner Joe Cole was eventually called in to help and cleaned away thousands of newspapers from the house, filling his van with at least 5000 of them and spending another £1000 disposing of them.

In fact, it took Joe and his team of four cleaners over an hour just to open the door of the house because there were so many newspapers in there wedging it shut. Sounds like this guy really had some kind of psychological problem when it came to newspapers. Why would anyone want to collect so many of them at a detriment to their own health and living space?

Anyway, here’s what Joe had to say about the surreal experience:

I’ve never seen something built up so much in the house.

We couldn’t get our heads around what it was about newspapers.

We told him to start recycling his newspapers but he’s 100% started again.

I’ve never seen anything like that in my life.

Every bit of space in there had newspapers in it.

The bathroom, kitchen, dining room, living room. It was all different papers.

There were so many that they’d fallen down and blocked his front door, so he couldn’t even get into the house. They were three quarters up the wall.

His house was worth half a million but he slept in his banger of a car on the driveway.

He’s lucky he didn’t get trapped inside.

The electrics weren’t great as well so it could have caused a fire. It’s quite dangerous.

He also had 300 pairs of socks and when I asked him why, he simply said that you could never have too many pairs of socks.

So strange. You really gotta wonder what this guy has been doing all his life for him to have a house that’s worth half a million quid that he’s decided to fill solely with newspapers and then sleep in his crappy car on the front drive instead? How does it get to that point in someone’s life when those are the choices that they are making?

It’s a real shame that this guy’s identity has been hidden because I really would like to know what his deal is. And if they’re holding down a steady job or social life or anything and just doing this weird newspaper stuff on the side. So many questions about it all really. Does he read them all? Which newspapers is he picking up?

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